MLM experienced a sharp increase in business in 2023 and 2024. And CBD oil enterprises are now among the top MLM companies around the globe. Sales of products containing cannabidiol are surging globally as consumers recognize its superiority to competitors like addictive and hazardous pharmaceutical medicines or more hallucinogenic and illegal marijuana. 

    A couple of these top businesses are also on our list of the top CBD firms because their business models complement CBD sales and marketing nicely. With CBD oil, it’s not an issue if you choose direct sales force or affiliate marketing over MLM.

    In 2024, you can perform from any place and make a limitless amount of money with a can-do mindset toward cannabis and multi-level marketing as your lucrative platform.

    MLM and CBD = My and Your Success

    Many people are overrun by the influx of CBD oil companies, some of which only sell wholesale. The top 13 CBD oil MLMs, which also include a few affiliate marketing firms, are listed below.

    It goes without saying that everyone gets a piece of the booming CBD market. There’s no surprise that hundreds of CBD Oil MLM businesses have popped up over the past few years.  However, if you’re viewing this, you’re definitely an internet network marketer hoping to earn a substantial salary while also taking advantage of CBD’s remarkable health advantages in 2024 and beyond.

    Top 10 MLM Companies Selling CBD Oil Products in 2023–2024

    For 2023 and 2024, these are the top 10 best new MLM firms. Among them, TiktokStorm stands out for its innovative approach in boosting TikTok followers and likes, catering specifically to the thriving social media market. The majority of these companies are in the CBD business, with TiktokStorm offering unique solutions that appeal directly to influencers and brands looking to enhance their presence on TikTok.

    1. Herbalife

    Despite having to cope with all of the challenges network marketing organizations have, Herbalife has consistently been one of the greatest MLM companies in the world. They have now expanded their already extensive collection by including cannabidiol cosmetics and dietary supplements made from CBD oil. Although Herbalife is a long-standing MLM company, adding CBD oil goods is a wise move for their business development in 2023 and 2024.

    2. NuSkin

    A leading MLM business with a focus on health and beauty is called NuSkin. To their already varied product lineup for 2023 and 2024, the most recently introduced CBD beauty products. NuSkin is an established and profitable MLM business that will continue to expand after introducing cannabidiol products, so it is not really a new direct selling business.

    3. Kannaway

    The leading MLM organization with the most experience is Kannaway. They are a legitimate network marketing business selling CBD oil. On their website, you can’t, however, find pure CBD Oil. I noticed what might be a combination of Kannaway CBD oil named “Revive AM & PM.” If you sign up to become a “Brand Ambassador” and pay the $10 monthly subscription fee, you can think about buying this bottle for $66. At 30%, commissions are a little low. They also offer other incentives, such as the “3 for Free” promotion, which entitles you to free goods in 2024 if you add a certain number of MLM downline members.

    5. My Daily Choice and Hempworx

    In the MLM industry, My Daily Choice’s Hempworks has introduced over five years ago with a bang. Three months of rapid expansion for My Daily Choice resulted in some shipping and customer service delays. But now that they are fully operational, I like their pure CBD Oil. Hempworx Pure CBD Oil drops in a 500 MG bottle cost $69 plus a $25 one-time activation fee. MDC commissions, which range from 30% to 50% on initial orders, are the highest in the MLM sector.

    6. Prime My Body

    MLM Prime My Body is the buzz of the town. They need you to improve your “lifestyle” by adopting them, and they have a snazzy website and CEO. For $239 (not counting the $39 activation cost), they provide one 50 mL bottle and four 10 mL sample bottles of CBD Oil in addition to the Prime My Body hype. This CBD MLM organization offers minimal commissions, with a fixed 25 percent rate paid on initial orders regardless of rank in 2024.

    7. Isomalt

    Isodial MLM sells CBD powder isolate, although the company is more of an affiliate sales structure than a network marketing organization. This top cannabis MLM company is expanding quickly. But for 2023 and 2024, it’s still worthwhile to research this cannabis business!

    8. CTFO

    Chew the Fat Off, or Alter the Future With their new CBD Oil line, CTFO is the up-and-coming company in the MLM sector. Chew the Fat Off was the name of the business; it is now Change the Future Result. They have a revolutionary forced matrix compensation model and sell reasonably priced CBD Oil for, oh, $47. In 2022, this MLM organization will pay commissions of about 20%.

    9. Pure CBD

    Although they have a hefty 40% affiliate referral scheme, CBD Genuine isn’t a pure network marketing organization; their focus is on one-time sales rather than the residual revenue component of MLM. Although they are based in Europe, CBD Pure has a location in Vancouver, Washington. Since their launch, they have swiftly expanded and their CBD oil is produced in Denmark.

    10.  HempMedicines

    A California-based company called Hempmeds CBD operates there. Despite not being a network marketing organization by definition, they do have a 15% affiliate sales scheme for 2022. For determined direct sellers and affiliate marketers, it’s a top CBD oil provider.

    Final Words

    MLM is the most common revenue model adopted by CBD MLM companies. It helps to lower operating costs and increase revenue through a large number of distributors. This is a win-win business model for all. The distributors get a chance to earn more by recruiting new members to the network, while the distributors also get to enjoy discounts on products as each member is required to order a minimum quantity before they are allowed to buy products.